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Introducing Savannah's World! 

A new scripted musical experience. A new way to learn beyond the page. 

Savannah's World

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The  wonderful world of Savannah was introduced to us in Gloria's first book - Robert Churchwell: Writing News Making History (A Savannah Green Story). With so many stories to tell and unsung heroes to be discovered, Savannah is jumping off the page and adventuring to the world of Podcast!


However, this isn't any ordinary podcast, Savannah is a young relatable ambassador for unsung heroes like Dr. Pierce! In the first season we follow Savannah as she's tries out for the Tiger Paws football team at Churchwell Elementary. Of course nothing is ever easy and right from the start Savannah is faced with challenges that make her wonder if she'll ever join the team. 

Sing and listen along to this musical experience to find out who will be the new quarterback for the Tiger Paws! 

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